About ThinkChina

ThinkChina is a Danish think tank on China that coordinates and facilitates the latest research on China from University of Copenhagen and connects it with the World. ThinkChina is based at- and fully funded by University of Copenhagen ensuring full independence and neutrality. ThinkChina's knowledge foundation is based upon the China related research done by scholars at UCPH. Our information is thus deeply rooted in thorough academic research across all faculties and departments within the university and completely independent.

Since the inception of ThinkChina in 2012, China’s position as a global actor has changed significantly. Today, the country is one of the largest economies in the world, a leading technological and science nation, as well as a growing military power. However, the shift in position has also meant that China is no longer viewed just as a collaborator and an attractive market, but also as a competitor, systemic rival, and, for some, a potential enemy. The growing tensions and rivalry between the US and China put pressure on Denmark and the EU in understanding China in order to best engage with the country strategically. UCPH has numerous scholars who are either researching China or doing research with China in different capacities. It is ThinkChina’s ambition to further strengthen, coordinate, and mobilize the use of this knowledge in a wider context, both nationally and internationally, to strengthen and heighten the knowledge level on China for the benefit of all actors in Denmark needing to deal with China.


To increase knowledge on China and matters related to the country among key stakeholder groups in Denmark who deals with China to provide them with the strongest, unbiased foundation based on academic research for engaging with China strategically and critically as a collaborator, competitor, and systemic rival, in recognition of a global system in which China is a leading actor.


ThinkChina will further strengthen its position as a strong UCPH brand and as a leading knowledge hub and think tank that mobilizes the latest knowledge and research on China produced by UCPH scholars within Denmark, but also internationally, and connects it with all relevant stakeholders in society. Internally, ThinkChina coordinates and facilitates China-related research, and mobilizes researchers across all UCPH faculties to strengthen knowledge sharing, networking, and cross-disciplinary collaboration to produce world-class research on China. ThinkChina also helps Danish universities who are engaged in research collaboration with China in various ways, scopes, and functions, by helping screen partner universities, visiting scholars, projects, contracts, and more to ensure the safeguarding of Danish values, ethics, and any IP issues while still producing high-quality research across many different fields and disciplines.”

ThinkChina publishes Policy Briefs and reports by UCPH's China experts or China professionals in our network, podcasts from our events and maintains an online library with reports from third parties on a range of issues related to contemporary China.

ThinkChina also organises a range of China-related activities at the University of Copenhagen such as :

  • ChinaTalks: A public lecture series that brings leading scholars and China experts or experts from all over the World to the University of Copenhagen
  • Public lectures, seminars and workshops where researchers share their research and research results.

ThinkChina specifically seeks to: 

  • Create recognition of a global system in which China is a leading actor
  • Analyse new developments and identify opportunities for Danish-Chinese engagement and collaboration
  • Produce and disseminate relevant research and knowledge about China to help inform decision and opinion makers 
  • Promote strategic thinking and progress in the Sino-Danish relationship by engaging decision makers and relevant stakeholders
  • Engage in the public debate on China to facilitate better informed and more fruitful deliberation and discussion
  • Collaborate with University of Copenhagen’s other China-related activities, e.g. the Fudan European Centre for China StudiesNordic Institute for Asian Studies and the Asian Dynamics Initiative.

The ThinkChina staff consists of a coordinator, two assistant coordinators, two principal investigators, and a cross-faculty group.