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About ThinkChina

ThinkChina is a think tank that brings together and cooperates with a broad range of public and private stakeholders that share a strategic interest in China. With Denmark’s future in mind, ThinkChina looks at China and our relations with Chinese partners and asks: How can Denmark contribute to and benefit from China’s continued development and increasing global influence?

The ThinkChina staff consists of a coordinator, two assistant coordinators, two principal investigators, and a cross-faculty group.

ThinkChina organises a range of thematic groups with different areas (including: , culture, economy and business, gender, green growthhealthlaw and regulatory policypolitics, social issues, and technology and digital). These thematic groups host both members from academia and from the private and the public sector, and the sessions take the shape of public ChinaTalks events and ‘by invitation only’ round table meetings.

ThinkChina publishes Policy Briefs and reports by UCPH's China experts or China professionals in our network, podcasts from our events and maintains an online library with reports from third parties on a range of issues related to contemporary China.

ThinkChina also organises a range of China-related activities at the University of Copenhagen and works with the university leadership, researchers and students to strengthen the university’s China profile.

ThinkChina specifically seeks to: 

  • Create recognition of a global system in which China is a leading actor
  • Analyse new developments and identify opportunities for Danish-Chinese engagement and collaboration
  • Produce and disseminate relevant research and knowledge about China to help inform decision and opinion makers 
  • Promote strategic thinking and progress in the Sino-Danish relationship by engaging decision makers and relevant stakeholders
  • Engage in the public debate on China to facilitate better informed and more fruitful deliberation and discussion
  • Collaborate with University of Copenhagen’s other China-related activities, e.g. the Fudan European Centre for China StudiesNordic Institute for Asian Studies and the Asian Dynamics Initiative.