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Seminar: Healthcare service digitalization in China

Digitization is altering the competitive landscape for multiple industries and the healthcare service sector is no exception. Due to an ever-expanding aging population, access to adequate and affordable healthcare services has become a pressing issue for governments worldwide. Increasingly, technology has been touted as a means for revolutionizing the healthcare service sector by transforming conventional methods for delivering preventive, curative, rehabilitative and palliative care. Specifically, in line with targeted reforms to the healthcare service sector in China, the Chinese government has been a strong advocate of harnessing technology for the realization of a sustainable healthcare ecosystem. Embracing a grassroots approach, the Chinese government has encouraged entrepreneurs to engage in healthcare innovations and launch technology ventures aimed at disrupting incumbent players in the healthcare service sector. In turn, this has given birth to innovative healthcare services that disintermediate traditional value chains such as healthcare analytics, evidence-based precision medicine, online health communities as well as remote doctor consultation and patient monitoring. Given the rapid pace of development in the Chinese healthcare service sector, Prof. Kai Lim will present emerging trends in healthcare service innovation, outline a research agenda for capitalizing on these trends and highlight several ongoing projects that explores how technology can accelerate service innovation in the healthcare industry.

The seminar is organized in the context of a project supported by the CBS Competitiveness Platform - “Harnessing the Digitalization: Investigating the Business Value of Social Platforms”. Healthcare is strategically important in Denmark. In recent years China has started to radically transformed its healthcare system and therefore it is a great opportunity to learn about the Chinese approach to healthcare service innovation.

Prof. Kai Lim is visiting Copenhagen Business School (CBS) under the Otto Mønsted Visiting Professorship scheme. Kai is Chair Professor of Information Technology Innovation and Management as well as the Director of Research and Ph.D. Program at the Information Systems Department of the College of Business, City University of Hong Kong. In addition, he has just completed his second term as a Senior Editor of MIS Quarterly (MISQ) and has previously served on the editorial board of Information Systems Research (ISR) and Journal of the Association for Information Systems (JAIS). His research interests include cross-cultural issues related to e-commerce, human-computer interaction, information systems management, mobile commerce, IT-enable business strategy and social media. Findings from his research have been published in MISQ, ISR, Journal of Management Information Systems (JMIS) and JAIS.

The seminar will be organized by the Department of Management, Society and Communication (MSC) jointly with the Department of IT Management (ITM) under the umbrella of the CBS Competitiveness Platform. For further information about this event please contact Liana Razmerita, or Chee-Wee Tan,

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