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Book Launch and Seminar: Celebration of the 10th Anniversary of the Sino-Danish Comprehensive Strategic Partnership

This event comprises the launch of two books in Chinese about Danish-Chinese collaboration under the framework of the comprehensive strategic partnership program between Denmark and China. Brief lectures will first introduce the two publications and discuss their significance in China. The subsequent seminar will focus on one of the publications. 


Camilla T. N. Sørensen 

Abstract: With its focus on promoting Danish security, Danish interests and Danish values, Danish foreign and security policy is these years confrontingan overarchingdilemma of, on the one hand, ensuring Danish economic and commercial interests, which increasingly link up with the new emerging power centers, and, on the other hand, ensuring national security and promoting Danish values, which are closely linked to the U.S.-led liberal world order. The dilemma is most evident in the case of Denmark’s handling of great power China. Througha pragmatic approachDenmarkhasso far managed to take advantage of the new opportunities that the “Rise of China” has resulted in, especially for the Danish economy,while at the same timetackledthe newchallenges following theDanish“comprehensive strategic partnership”with anon-Westernand non-democratic great power. In the future,however, it willbe more difficultand thedilemmawill increasinglycome to influencetheDanishpolicy towards China.

Jørgen Delman

Abstract: The strategic partnership between Denmark and China initiated in 2008 focused on making the Danish public sector a more independent actor through bilateral authority-to-authority collaboration. This marked a shift in Denmark’s China policy towards a more relational, network-based and collaborative new public diplomacy. The article explores the significance of this shift through an examination of the authority-to-authority collaboration at state and municipal level within climate, environment, energy and sustainable urbanization. The article analyzes concrete collaborative initiatives and discusses whether the authority-to-authority collaboration creates commercial and public value and concludes that it promotes central Danish core competences in China within climate, energy, environment and sustainable urbanization. The Chinese side acknowledges that Denmark can contribute positively to China’s development and international integration. However, the sustainability of the approach will be challenged if it does not deliver sufficient commercial and public value in Denmark. 

Carsten Boyer Thøgersen

Abstract: Trade and shipping have been at the core of the relations between Denmark and China. For 340 years, successive Danish governments continuously promoted Danish trade interests in China. After 1949, the early establishment of diplomatic relations between Denmark and the People's Republic of China helped Denmark to continue its trade with China. From 1971 to 1989, a number of Danish companies successfully consolidated their position in the Chinese market, supported by a focused Danish policy towards China. From 1989 to 2004, there was a less focused Danish policy vis-à-vis China, while many new Danish companies found their own way to the Chinese market. After 2005, an update of the Danish policy towards China was launched. The update was fully implemented after 2011. A richer, economically stronger and more internationally engaged China will probably mean that other considerations than trade and shipping in the future also will influence Denmark's policy towards China.

Martin Bech Hansen: Will discuss the value created through scientific and educational collaboration between Denmark and China.

Full program: Available here

Practical information & Registration: 

Time: 25th of October 2018, 14:30-17:30

Place: BISU, Qiushi Auditorium (二外求实楼报告厅)

Registration: To register for the event, please follow this link.