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28 September 2015

Call for papers: Law and Transitional Society

Special issue of the "NAVEIÑ REET - Nordic Journal of Law and Social Research": Law and Transitional Society - Chinese and Global Perspective

Law, as a proudly social practice, is subject to tremendous transformations in a transitional society. Both empirical evidences and theoretical research reveal that law plays a more or less significant role in a changing world with the rapid development of science and technology, growing market economy, decaying traditional values, increasing environmental contamination, even with our epistemological grasp of the topsy-turvy world. Societies change ruthlessly and almost every legal system is struggling to be responsive. This trend is true in a globalizing world and of particular relevance in a Chinese context.

Obviously, the Chinese society has been changing since its reforming and opening up in late 1970s. As an emerging global power, the Chinese legal system is inscribed in political, economic, cultural, social and legal practices throughout the past three decades, resulting at times in new, hybrid forms of laws and legal institutions, but also often triggering continuing struggles and conflicts.

This special issue wishes to explore how the Chinese legal system responds to the social transition and is shaped by it as well as what role China plays in the global legal environment.

Download: Call for papers - Law and Transitional Society: Chinese and Global Perspective