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ADI Conference 2019

Asian Mobilities

Photo: Gwenael Piaser

11th Annual ADI Conference - Asian Dynamics Initiative

Since the launch of the Asian Dynamics Initiative at the Universtity of Copenhagen in 2008, the ADI annual conference has become a well-established event in Asian Studies internationally. With the conference in 2019 we wish to continue this tradition.

The 11th ADI conference at the University of Copenhagen continues the tradition of investigating Asian intra-regional and transregional connectivities. Our point of departure is that the multi-directional movement of people, ideas, things and technologies across space and time produces ever-changing configurations of human relationships, knowledge systems, and power relations. Through a focus on multiple connectivities and their impact on human perceptions, actions, knowledge paradigms and the material world, the conference will further expand understanding of the historical and contemporary significance of Asia in global contexts.

Welcome by Mikkel Vedby Rasmussen, Dean of The Faculty of Social Sciences

Keynote adresses on the overall topic Asian Mobilities will be given by three distinguished scholars:

Professor Dagmar Schäfer, Director of the Max Planck Institute for the History of Science, Berlin

Professor Eric Tagliacozzo, Department of History, Cornell University

Dr. Kajri Jain, Department of Visual Studies, University of Toronto

Visit the conference website for information about the call for papers and panels, programme, registration, venue and more.