23 November 2015

External Analysis: China; Waging "Lawfare" on NGOs

Authors: Hugo Winckler, François Godement, Agatha Kratz and Mathieu Duchatel

Institution: European Council on Foreign Relations

"China’s government agencies and domestic institutions are in the process of fine-tuning the country’s first law on NGOs, the “Law on the Administration of Overseas NonGovernmental Organisations”. Since the so-called Arab Spring and the emergence of the conflict in Ukraine, Beijing has been persuaded that the West is pursuing a strategy of “regime change” that will ultimately target the Chinese Communist Party. Although the NGO law is apparently a domestic matter of “the rule of law”, the new legislation cuts to the very heart of China’s relations with the West in general and Europe in particular – even if its deep distrust of the United States is without doubt China’s main concern."

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