4 November 2022

ThinkChina Policy Brief: Xi Jinping’s Moment of Glory - Winner Takes All

Xi Jinping

In this ThinkChina Policy Brief by Jørgen Delman, professor emeritus, China Studies, University of Copenhagen, Delman explains the 20th Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC) ended on 22 October 2022.

During a brief week, the almost 2300 delegates listened to long reports and discussed them in their constituency groups. The proceedings are largely secret, but the media routinely hyped the Congress and its proceedings with small snippets that largely focused on praising Xi Jinping. The minutely planned and splendidly staged spectacle made it extremely clear that two overarching themes dominated the Congress: Xi Jinping’s indispensable key role and his control over the CPC on the one hand, and the need for political, social and economic continuity on the other.

Key Takeaway

  • In the comprehensive report to the Congress, Xi focused more on security issues, ideology and control with the CPC than on the economy.
  • In the economic sections, Xi stressed the need to put greater emphasis on progress in core technologies and more equal distribution of growth.
  • Xi reiterated his idea about “common prosperity for all”. This entails that the Party will promote social fairness and justice, bring prosperity to all, and prevent social polarization.
  • China’s new pattern of development, will focus on the domestic economy with a positive interplay between domestic and international economic flows, pursuing high-quality development and giving full play to the role of talent as a primary development resource.


China, 20th Party Congress, Xi Jinping

Read the policy brief here.