4 September 2014

External Report: The China Greentech Report 2014

Institute: China Greentech Initiative

The fifth report in this series by the China Greentech Initiative, the 2014 Report provides insight on the regulatory, financing and technology changes across China’s greentech markets in response to governments' shifting priorities, and recommends how companies can best capture opportunities while supporting China in its battle against smog. Given the heightened sense of urgency to reduce pollution and improve quality of life in cities, the Report recognizes that China’s plan to maintain a national GDP growth target of 7.5% through 2014 must be accompanied by an equally resolute vision for cleaner growth. The 2014 Report asserts that there is a profound opportunity for leading companies to integrate their products and services to customize replicable solutions for China’s project owners and governments in the areas of industrial efficiency, distributed energy, greener buildings and cleaner mobility.

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