16 May 2022

Understanding China From Afar: Reflections on the Development and Status of China Studies in Denmark

Professors Jørgen Delman and Anne Wedell-Wedellsborg from China Studies at University of Copenhagen and University of Aarhus, respectively, have co-edited a volume introducing Danish social science and humanistic research on China since 2000 to a Chinese audience in Chinese. Shanghai Social Sciences Press will publish the volume in 2022 under the title: “中丹21世纪的对话:丹麦的中国研究”.

Jørgen Delman and Anne Wedell-Wedellsborg wrote the first version of the introduction to the edited volume in English. Then, it was slightly revised in collaboration with Zhang Xihua to fit the format of the Chinese version. Finally, it was translated into Chinese.

The two Danish authors found that the original, co-authored version of the introduction would be useful to an international audience to acquaint themselves with the development of China Studies in Denmark and a sample of the many researchers working on China in Denmark.

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