22 July 2022

New Blogpost: Laurits Andersen - the Birth of an Entrepreneur

New blogpost series about The Danish entrepreneur Laurits Andersen (1849-1928) who lived most of his life in China, where he became one of the leading figures in the establishment of the country’s modern tobacco industry. This blogpost series will tell the story of Laurits Andersen’s life and relationship with China. It is based on Peter Harmsen’s PhD thesis from 2021 named “Resourceful and socially connected. The business biography of Danish tobacco entrepreneur, Laurits Andersen in treaty-port China, 1890-1922”

Peter Harmsen holds a PhD in China Studies from the Department of Cross-Cultural Studies, University of Copenhagen. He is an author and has been working as a journalist in East Asia for more than 25 years. In 2020 he published the book “Laurits Andersen – China Hand, Entrepreneur, Patron.”

Read the first blogpost here.