Programme (TENTATIVE)

26 March - 4 April 2020





Arrival:  Tao Fong Shan (TFS), Hong Kong (HK) Tao Fong Shan Road 33 (

Transport: Organise your own travel. From HK airport take bus A41 to Shatin Metro Station (22 HKD, buy Octopus travel card). Take taxi (10 min) to Tao Fong Shan. Get your room key at Pilgrims Hall. Arrive at TFS latest 4pm on 26 Mar (let us know if you arrive before for meals). Book your own room and meals at TFS or elsewhere in HK, if you arrive before 26 March.



Theme: Welcome (TFS)

16:30: Welcome! 1-slide participant introductions (2 min, present outline of your PhD project)

18.00: Evening meal at TFS

19-20: Introduction to course contents and to the history and tradition of TFS (PS, OSM)



Theme: Working across different sciences in food and health

08.00: Breakfast

09.00: Food, health and philosophy East and West –  aims of the PhD course (PS)

10:00: Introduction to TFS history and traditions for dialogue across fields (OSM, PS)

11.00: Natural, social and human science in food and health, life and death (PS, BN, CW) 

12.30: Lunch

13.30: Walk to Tai Wai wet food market/TCM shop – other views of food & health? (PS, CW)

15.00: Metro from Tai Wai to Hung Hom (make sure to have Octapus travel card)

15.45: HK Polytechnic University: Natural, social & human science interactions at HKPU? (HL)

18:00: Joint meal followed by free evening in Kowloon Peninsula.



Theme: Working across East and West, and across philosophies, in food and health

08.00: Breakfast

09.00: Nature views in East and West – how to do cross-disciplinary science? (PS)

10.00: Making sense of the world, nature and man: Two modes of thought (BN)

11.15: Food, eating and food for health in China and the West, fast and slow food? (PS)

12.30: Lunch

13.30: TFS cemetery – nature and food in life and death in Christianity (PS)

14.00: 10.000 Buddha Temple – food, nature and health in Chinese Buddhism? (PS, BN)

14.30: Shatin cemetery – nature and food after death in East and West? (PS, BN)

15:00: Shatin metro to Wong Tai Sin Temple. Food and health in Taoism? (BN, PS)

17.15: Local eating around Wong Tai Sin (CW).

20-22: Relaxed evening gathering for all at TFS. Bring snacks and a joke from your country!



Theme: Philosophy of nature, food and body in East and West

06.00: Walk to Needle Hill (2½h, optional) - nature as natural, social and human science? (BN)

08.30: Breakfast

10.00: Somatic integrity: Alchemy and quest for immortality in Chinese history (BN)

11.00: Humans and nature: Philosophies of biology and ecology in East and West (CL)

12.30: Lunch

14.30: Introduction to Chinese/Eastern thinking: Philosophy and science (BN)

15:30: Food, health, nature and culture in Christian philosophy  - show TFS church (OSM)

16.30: Group reflections on course report topics. Discuss your individual/group topics.

18:30: Evening meal at Tao Fong Shan

19:30: Brief presentation of course presentation titles by students (2 min each)



Theme: Food and health in Western and Chinese medicine at Univ. Hong Kong (HKU)

08.00: Breakfast

08.45: Departure by bus for HKU (CW)

10:00: Demonstrations/tour at Traditional Chinese Medicine Dept. (CW, TCM School staff)

11:00: Lecture(s) – how to use both Western and Chinese learning in TCM health science?

12:00: Departure with public bus for HKU School of Biology/Nutrition 

12:30: Lunch at/around HKU.

13.30: Qigong exercise at HKU – is this mental and/or physical exercise?(JW)

14.15: Western and Eastern/Chinese food, health and nutrition science – is it different? (JW)

15.15: Sugar to induce obesity and diabetes in East and West – even across generations (JL)

16.00: Walk to The Peak (1 h, walking shoes) – dinner 18.00 h at “Hong Kong Day” (CW)

19.30: Return with bus (from bus station at Peak) to TFS (or stay in HK + own transport to TFS)



Theme: Modern genetics and technology to improve food and health?

07.15: Breakfast (- deliver luggage to TFSSU bus at 08.00 h). 08.10: Walk down to metro.

08.30: Departure by metro from Shatin to Luohu boarder (to walk through customs check)

10:15: Departure with bus outside Luohu customs (FG, CW)

11.15: Tour of China National Genome Bank/Beijing Genomics Institute (FG)

12.30: Departure with bus to for lunch at Dapeng Ancient Fortress (CW, FG)  

15:00: Departure with bus to Pingshan NEOMICS Center for Newborn Health (FG, PS)

16.00: The genome, human health and Yin-yang theory – what does it tell us? (FG)

17.00: Omics technologies for newborn infants/animals - potentials and limitations (PS)

18.30: Light evening meal before departure with bus for Guangzhou

21.30: Arrival and check-in at hotel in Guangzhou (CW)



Theme:  Food, health and disease in modern China 

08.00: Breakfast + course reflections and day-briefing (ZhuHai Hotel breakfast room)

09.30: Take metro from Ximenkou station to Sun Yat-sen University (meet in hotel lobby)

10.15: Food, lifestyle and health for children in South China (YZ)

11.00: Food for patients at modern China hospitals (NN, YZ)

11.45: Omics and Big Data to investigate food and health – new progress? (PPJ)

12.30: Light lunch at Sun Yat-sen University

14.00: Tour and discussions at modern China cancer hospital: Food in cancer? (YZ)

16:30: Free evening in Guangzhou (option: Pearl River Cruise, remember your passport)



Theme: Traditional/modern health philosophies? (TCM hospital +  Mead Johnson Nutrition)

08.00: Breakfast + course reflections and day-briefing (ZhuHai Hotel)

09.30: Walk to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) hospital in Guangzhou (CW)

10:00: Lectures and tour at TCM Hospital – TCM different from modern health care? (YZ)

12.30: Lunch on the street nearby TCM Hospital (CW)

13:30: Bus to Mead Johnson Nutrition company (CW, 2 Xiayuan Rd, Huangpu district)

15-18: Tour, lecture, discussions about milk, health and children in modern China? (CL, MJN)

18.00: Return to ZhuHai Hotel - joint (Sichuan?) dinner (CW, BN)




Theme: Course presentation work day (16th floor, Zhuhai Hotel + Qing Ping Market)  

08.00: Breakfast + course report and day-briefing (ZhuHai Hotel breakfast room)

09.30: Depart with metro from Ximenkou

10:00: Shamian Island, Qing Ping Market – functional foods in East and West, before and now

12:00: Tibetan lunch at Shamian Island (CW, BN)

13:00: Return to Zhuhai hotel for report work (individual or groups) for Saturday presentation

18.30: Course dinner and evaluation at Zhuhai Hotel, Japanese style (CW, BN, PS).

20.30: Final work on next day course presentation







Theme: Course report presentations (16th floor, Zhuhai Hotel + local Buddhist Temple)

08.00: Breakfast, the check out from hotel (pay yourself, if you stay longer)

09:00: Wrap-up reflections: Food, health, science, culture and philosophy (PS, BN)

10:00: Student report presentations (7 min/student + 3 min discussions).

12.30: Lunch break (Chinese fast food brought from the street)

13.00: Student report presentations - continued

14.50: Walk to the ancient Guangxiao Buddhist Temple (YZ, PS) 

15-17: Temple visit and discussions: Food and health in Buddhism? (CW, YZ)

17:00: Farewell from course. Organize your own travel from GZ (1 h) or HK (4 h) airports



Deadline for delivery of final course report presentation via e-mail to course coordinators  

(Format: pdf file of previous pwt presentation with 1 slide/page + text explanations as Notes)


Download: Call for applications - Food, health and philosophy in East and West 2020.