Programme (TENTATIVE) – University of Copenhagen

Programme (TENTATIVE!): 4 - 13 April 2019 





Arrival:  Tao Fong Shan (TFS), Hong Kong (see last page for additional details)

Address: Tao Fong Shan Road 33 (From HK airport: Take bus A41 to Shatin Metro Station. Then taxi (5 min) to Tao Fong Shan Rd. 33. Go to Pilgrims Hall.)


Participants organise their own travel. We recommend that you arrive at Tao Fong Shan in Hong Kong on 3 April - or no later than noon Thursday 4 April. Remember visa(s).  For some nationals: Remember double-entry visa to for return trip to Hong Kong.



Theme: Welcome (TFS)
18.00: Dinner at Tao Fong Shan (TFS)
19.00-21.00: Introduction to course, participant introductions, course practicalities (PS,BN)



Theme: Course introduction: Science, food, health – theory & practice (TFS, local excursion)
08.00: Breakfast
09.00: TFS introduction (PS, JL)
10.00: Introduction to food, health and philosophy East and West (PS)
11.00: What defines top-level natural, social and human sciences? (PS, BN, CW)
12.30: Lunch
12.50: Walk or bus to local Tai Wai TCM medicine shop – another health view(PS, CW)
14.15: Walk to Tai Wai wet food market – another view towards fresh food? (PS, CW)
14.45: Tai Wai metro to Wong Tai Sin Temple – taoist views of food and health? (BN, PS)
17.00: Local eating around Wong Tai Sin, free evening in Hong Kong (CW)



Theme: Nature, food and medicine in East and West (TFS, local excursions)
08.00: Breakfast
09.00: Nature views in East and West – how to do cross-disciplinary science? (PS)
10.00: Introduction to Chinese/Eastern thinking: Philosophy and science (BN)
11.00: Introduction to Western/Christian thinking: Philosophy and science (JL)
12.30: Lunch
14.00: Making sense of the world, nature and man: Two modes of thought (BN)
15.00: Walk to TFS and Shatin cemeteries -nature and food after death in East and West? (PS)
15.30: Walk to 10000 Buddha Temple – food, nature and health in Buddhism? (PS)
16.30: Walk to Shatin metro – depart for HK Polytech Univ? Humanities and Science? (HL, PS)
19.00: Dinner in Hung Hom area, Kowloon Peninsula (CW)



Theme of day: Philosophy of food and body in East and West (TFS + local excursions)
06.00: Walk to Needle Hill (2½ h return, optional) - nature as natural/social/human science? 08.30: Breakfast
10.00: Somatic integrity: Alchemy and quest for immortality in Chinese history (BN)
11.00: Food, eating and food for health in China and the West, fast and slow food? (PS)
12.30: Lunch
14.00: Walk around the TFS hill and buildings – nature symbolism in architecture? (PS)
15.00: Nature, food and health in Christianity (JL)
16.00: Western thinking in philosophy and science (BN)
18:00: Dinner at TFS
19:00-21:00: Snacks and gathering for all at Cing Fong Tai



Theme: Food and medicine in East and West? (University of Hong Kong, HKU)
08.00: Breakfast
09.00: Departure by bus for HKU (CW)
10.00: Qigong exercise at Hong Kong University – just physical exercise?(JW)
10.30: Western (and Eastern) food and nutrition science – is it different? (JW)
11.30: Brief presentation of course report topics/titles by students (JW, BN, PS)
12.30: Lunch at HKU (JW)
13.30: Departure for HKU Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)
14.00: Demonstrations and lectures on TCM theory at HKU (CW, HKU TCM School staff)
16.00: Walk to The Peak (1-1½ h, overlooking HK)
18.00: Joint dinner at The Peak
19.00: Return with bus to TFS from The Peak (or stay for evening in downtown HK)



Theme: Modern genetics improves food and health? (BGI, Genome Bank, Shenzhen, China)

07.30: Breakfast (- deliver your luggage to TFSSU bus at 08.00 h)

08.10: Walk down to Shatin station and pick-up your luggage (PS)

09.00: Departure by metro from Shatin to Luohu station (boarder – walk through customs)

10.30: Pick-up outside customs with bus in Shenzhen - go to BGI/Genome Bank (CW, FG)

11.00: The genome, human health and Yin-yang theory (FG)

12.30: Lunch (FG)

13.30: Visit to BGI genome biology museum (FG)

14.30: The big advances in genome biology last 10 years (FG)

15.30: Genome biology and Big Data for better food and health in the world? (FG)

17.00: Dinner locally in old part of Shenzhen, Dapeng Ancient City and Fortress (FG, CW)

18:30: Departure by bus for Guangzhou. Course contents/report discussions (CW, BN, PS).  

22:00: Arrival at Zhuhai Hotel, Guangzhou, registration (CW)



Theme: Food, health and disease in modern China (Sun Yat-sen Univ, local hospitals)
08.30: Traditional Chinese breakfast (Zhuhai)
09.30: Take metro from Ximenkou station to Sun Yat-sen University (meet in hotel lobby)
10.15: Food, lifestyle and health in South China (YZ)
11.00: Functional foods – food more than nutrients? Food at hospitals (NN, YZ)
11.45: Infants, children and food in China (YZ)
13.00: Lunch
14.00: Visit modern China cancer hospital: Food in cancer? (YZ)
16:00: Visit modern China general (1st Affiliated) hospital: Food and disease? (YZ)
18.00: Joint dinner close to Pearl River, then Pearl River Cruise (CW, remember passport)



Theme: Food and health views in Buddhism (and other religions)?
08.30: Chinese breakfast - including course report discussions (e.g. titles, CW, BN, PS)
09.00: Group reflections: Traditional and modern health care philosophy (PS, BN)
10.15: Walk to the ancient Guangxiao Buddhist Temple (PS)
10.30: Intro and discussion with monks: Food and health in Buddhism culture? (CW, YZ)
12.30: Vegetarian meal Guangxiao Temple vegetarian restaurant (CW)
14.30: Free afternoon/evening to work on course reports/presentations




Theme: Traditional/modern health care philosophy? (TCM hospital, Biostime/HH company)
08.30: Traditional Chinese breakfast
09.00: Walk to Traditional Chinese Medicine hospital in Guangzhou (CW)
09:30: Lecture and tour at clinics at TCM Hospital (CW, YZ)
12.30: Lunch on the street (CW)
13:30: Depart with metro to Biostime/Health & Happiness Food Company (CW)
14:15: Food, health ecology and happiness – how to progress in modern China? (HH team)
17:15: Walk to joint course evaluation dinner in Zhujiang New Town (CW, YZ).



Theme: Report presentations (Zhuhai Hotel, Qing Ping Functional Food Market)
08.00: Traditional Chinese breakfast – check out from hotel (or pay yourself if you stay longer)
09:00: Final reflections on course learnings – 16th floor meeting room at hotel (BN, PS)
09:30: Student report presentations (5 min/student+2 min discussions).
12:00: Metro to Qing Ping Market (large functional food market) incl lunch
15:00: Return to Zhuhai hotel. Report presentations – continued.
18:00: Farewell lunch and final remarks in ZhuHai Hotel (Japanese style eating)
21:00: End of course. Organize your return travel from GZ (1h) or HK airports (4h)




Deadline for delivery of course report via e-mail to course coordinators (PS, BN).


Download: Call for applications - Food, health and philosophy in East and West 2019.