Limited number of scholarships for talented students

We offer students the opportunity to apply for a limited number of scholarships in the form of 'ARLA Graduate Fellowships' and 'Carlsberg Foundation Grants'. If you want to apply of one of the two types of scholarships, please indicate so during registration - and read the requirements below.

Please not: The course secretariat will distribute the scholarships based on the material submitted during registration but may need additional material after the initial registration.

  • ARLA Foods amba (a Danish/Nordic dairy company) sponsors the course and offers 4 fully funded ARLA Graduate Fellowships to cover costs for participants whose work relates to dairy sectors in China/Asia. The 4 ARLA Fellows compete for a trip to Denmark to participate in the annual ARLA PhD Conference. The competition is based on quality of the course report. If you wish to apply for an ARLA Graduate Fellowship, please indicate so when you apply to participate in the course.  
  • Carlsberg Foundation supports basic research across natural, social and human sciences and sponsors the course. A Carlsberg Foundation Grant can help cover expenses for non-Danish participants in the course. If you wish to apply for a Carlsberg Foundation Grant, please indicate so when you apply to participate in the course.

Download: Call for applications - Food, health and philosophy in East and West 2020.