Snippets from the participants’ 2016 evaluation

”This is the best course I have ever had” – Indonesian PhD student.

”The course was really interesting and eye-opening” – Chinese PhD student

”The course surpassed my expectations. It has redefined my definition of academic scholarship. […] I was intellectually and mentally reinvigorated” – Nigerian PhD student

”Overall, both with regard to learning outcome and content, the course met my expectations. It would have been interesting to hear more about the ‘functional food part’ that unfortunately got cancelled. I think it was some very interesting places we visited during the course, some places we would never have had the chance to experience by ourselves” – Danish PhD student

”I really obtained a lot of knowledge regarding Chinese culture in a very short time. Which I can apply directly in my future research and support for our company” – Danish R&D professional

”It was an excellent course covering a huge scope of topics [it] was an intense, but needed to be to cover such diverse outcomes […] thank you so much for organising this unique experience” – British PhD student

Download: Call for applications - Food, health and philosophy in East and West 2020.