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19 March 2019

ThinkChina Analysis: Order in Xi Jinping’s Parliament

China's Parliament, the National People's Congress [NPC], and the British parliament have both been in critical sessions during the last couple of weeks. The two Parliaments have debated and dealt with great challenges to the future of their respective countries. Britain's Parliament is fighting intensely on how and when to leave the European Union. China's Parliament was debating sagging economic growth rates, a looming trade war with the US, and a whole array of other internal and external risks. While the two Parliaments are a far cry from each other, one word unites their recent proceedings: "Order". But, while 'order' is what the British Parliament's Speaker is desperately trying to maintain amidst the chaos surrounding Brexit, 'order' was a given during the Chinese Parliament's highly orchestrated 10 days session which was held from 5-15 March. The NPC followed its pre-planned agenda down to the last minute, and unlike Theresa May's troubles in Britain, there was no indication of opposition to the Chinese leader and his government.

In this ThinkChina analysis, Professor Jørgen Delman, China studies at University of Copenhagen, analyses this year's National People's Congress in China.

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