26 November 2020

ThinkChina Analysis: Time is up for Xi Jinping to make China greener

This analysis follows up on Professor Jørgen Delmans expectations to China’s 14th five-year plan. He analyses the implications of the key central committee meeting in October for China’s ambitions for a green transition. He argues that Xi Jinping is now called out to make good on his 2060 carbon neutrality promise and to finally make a plan to phase out China’s dirty coal.

Key takeaways:

  • China’s goal for 2060 carbon neutrality is new and indicates a turn in China’s approach to its green transition.
  • The Chinese leadership under Xi Jinping now feel under pressure to ramp up and coordinate, simultaneously, the implementation of environmental, energy, and climate change policies
  • The National People’s Congress is expected to approve the final 14th five-year plan in March next year. The plan must articulate clear support to Xi Jinping’s 2060 carbon neutrality goal.
  • To clean up China’s massive coal sector, solid political and legal interventions are necessary to bar new coal projects, but also to help those in the sector who are afraid of ending up with stranded assets.
  • Xi Jinping must demonstrate that he is willing to take on the final struggle with coal interests and build a truly green energy system. Otherwise, the world will remain sceptical and critical about China’s willingness to act as a responsible international stakeholder in climate change mitigation.

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The analysis was first published by insightview.eu