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18 March 2019

ThinkChina Policy Brief: Do Friendship City Agreements Have Value?

In 2018, Denmark and China celebrated the ten-year anniversary for the establishing of the comprehensive strategic partnership between the two nations. One aspect of the bilateral relationship between China and Denmark consists of the numerous many Sister City relationships between Danish cities, municipalities and regions. Building on these agreements, the second China Denmark Regions and Cities Forum was hosted in Aarhus in November 2018. However, while the Sister City relationships have strategic focus from both the Chinese and Danish side, do they provide real value?

In this Policy Brief, which is based on the authors MA thesis, Inger Helen Sørreime investigates and explains the actual purpose and use of these friendship city relation-ships between Chinese and foreign units. The brief investigates how the administrative level and geography might influence the use of international friendship city agreements. The brief ends with an elaboration on how municipalities and regions that either have or are seeking to establish friendship city agreements with a Chinese counterpart can use this analysis.

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