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26 October 2015

ThinkChina Analysis: Xi Jinping's Fingerprintes Are Everywhere

Jørgen Delman, UCPH & ThinkChina, gives his assessments of the upcoming 13th Five Year Plan (2016-2020) in Insight Perspectives.

"Xi Jinping has been active this summer in the preparations of the 13th five-year plan (2016-2020) and he has already set his fingerprints on it. But this is only one, albeit an important building block in his political program. He is now three years into his first five-year term and at the apex of power. He has full control over his peers in the leadership in Beijing and has expropriated the limelight in the national media. He is here, there and everywhere, actively pushing his program and delivering step-by-step on his reform

agenda outlined in 2013.

Internationally, he has been a frequent flier. His state visit to the US in September demonstrated that China is indeed the world’s second superpower. Despite the usual bickering and mutual accusations that characterize the fragile US-China relationship, Presidents Obama and Xi were able to see eye to eye and negotiate and agree on issues as tough as cyber and nuclear security and collaboration on anti- bribery, anti-terrorism, climate change and international development assistance." 

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