ThinkChina Student Forum

ThinkChina Student Forum is an ambitious student initiative organizing a broad range of social and academic events. Like a magic elixir consisting of equal parts never-ending friendships and hardcore scholarship, we are experimenting hoping to achieve the perfect recipe giving you; great scholarly content, Chinese language learning, knowledge about culture and society, while at the same time socializing and witchcrafting in a laid back manner. Stirring the pots are volunteering wizards from China Studies at UPCH “with a little help from our friends” at other faculties such as Social Sciences. Providing us with our magic wands is the Copenhagen-based and China-engaged think-tank called “ThinkChina”.

Our work has many facets, but overall we have two main objectives: (1) we want to be a platform for social interaction between young Danish students and the new-coming generation of Chinese university students and (2) we want to make knowledge about China not only accessible, but also easy and enjoyable for our fellow students. In this way, we will help you get equipped with the tools and network necessary for engaging with research in China as a Western scientist. Come have a snack while enjoying Chinese movie classics or attend one of our language cafés, where Chinese youngsters are coming from all across the Middle Kingdom to encounter some of that Danish culture and make friends with us! If you are more the bookish type, we are also hosting various kinds of events presenting and discussing senior students’ latest research projects or telling about their experiences with living in China and studying at UPCH in general.

Besides from the inevitable aspect of guanxi (network), our aim is also to strengthen the bond between China Studies internally as well as with other faculties and institutions with traditions for engaging with China. We want to facilitate opportunities for idea sharing concerning the scientific aspect itself, but also regarding relevant student jobs and internships. Long story short, become a great maester within the exquisite arts of Chinese language, humanities and social sciences while making new like-minded friends and learning about the life at the Hogwarts of Copenhagen, that is: China Studies at UCPH.