Chinese Language Cafe – University of Copenhagen

30 January 2017

Chinese Language Cafe

The Spring semester is upon us at it's time for another round of language cafes for all you 华人 and 丹麦人.

This is where you get your semi freshly brewed coffee, substandard tee, tonnes of Chinese practice and a introduction to Danish Culture and Language - it's rød grød med fløde with 宫保鸡丁 all over it. 

In charge of the language cafes this year will be. Astrid and Ying starting their second semester in Chinese Studies at the University of Copenhagen. 

We're trying a new thing this year, with double the amount of cafes for you guys. The Cafes are as usual Fridays 15.00-17.00, but now every Friday. The first one is already the 2nd of February. The events will be somewhere at KU - further information will be avalaible at on the event page. 

So welcome to Denmark and welcome to the new semester, we look forward to seeing you!