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The health sector in China is an area that consists of both huge challenges and huge possibilities. Through many years, China has suffered from massive scandals within food safety, pollution and fake pharmaceuticals that all have a major impact on the health of the entire population. Combined with the lack of qualified general practitioners, the aging population of the Chinese people and the growing middle class, this poses a severe challenge for China, but has also led health to become a key priority for the Chinese government. A lot of new investments and developments are now happening within health, and new interesting health technologies like medicinal drones might pave the way for a new era of health in China.

ThinkChina organises the international interdisciplinary PhD course 'Food, health and philosophy in East and West' which runs over 10 days in South China every spring. 

The course is sponsored by the Carlsberg Foundation and Arla.

More information on the course website or via Casper Wichmann.

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