Chinese politicians

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With China as an increasingly important actor on the global stage, understanding and being able to predict or influence the policies of the Chinese government has become a more needed and valued talent than ever for today’s international experts and policy makers. In the case of China, we need to completely renew our way of understanding politics, both domestic and foreign, in order to analyse and comprehend the tendencies that we are seeing because the institutions and the hierarchically system is rooted in a unique Chinese political culture that operates in ways completely different from the ones we know from our own countries.

The ThinkChina theme aims to provide the latest information and analysis of China’s political and security challenges as a rising power and how the Chinese leaders’ response to these challenges affect Chinese domestic politics as well as regional and international politics.

‘Politics’ is approached in the broadest sense and hence the working group covers topics such as China’s political economy, domestic politics and general societal development. As well as China’s foreign and security policy in an international system influenced by China’s new priorities.

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