20 March 2018

ThinkChina Podcast: Energy & Geopolitics

In this ThinkChina.dk Podcast, Jørgen Ørstrøm Møller investigates how the fracking industry in the US will influence the global energy market, especially in relation to the Chinese economy. Tune in to learn more!


Over the last ten years, US has swung from being the third biggest net importer of energy to become a net exporter. US has experienced massive repercussions, not only on energy markets, but also with regard to the global economy and geopolitics. The main driver behind this change, has been LNG&Fracking – i.e. the liquidation of natural gas. The problem is that markets now are no longer fully stable, so the increase in output cannot be sold at a reasonable price unless some of the existing suppliers are squeezed out. US try to do so in agreements with countries such as Saudi-Arabia, Qatar and Iran. Here, China’s role is pivotal because the only market big enough is the Chinese market. China, however, will demand something in return for giving US a share of its market.

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