29 October 2019

ThinkChina Podcast: Sino-Danish collaboration on energy policies and the critical policy challenges in China’s energy transition

Listen or re-listen to the ThinkChina Seminar on Sino-Danish policy learning, policy transfer and policy translation helps address the policy problems associated with China’s energy transition.


China's leadership is in the middle of overseeing a green transition of the Chinese energy system that aims to replace fossil fuels with clean energy. This will help make China's air cleaner and reduce China's emissions of greenhouse gases. To move the energy transition ahead, there has been an acute need to continuously develop and adapt guiding policies and regulatory frameworks to stimulate the development of green technologies, complex reform solutions, and appropriate institutions. The responsible Chinese authorities and energy policy actors have chosen to collaborate with international partners to do this. They see Denmark as a best-practice learning case, and through a strategic government-to-government partnership, Denmark has gradually become one of China’s preferred strategic policy interlocutors on energy politics. 

Speakers' bios

Professor Xia Jianjun, Tsinghua University

"The Sino-Danish demonstration project on district heating in Tongchuan, Shaanxi Province: Why is it needed and what can it tell us?"

Prof. Jianjun Xia’s areas of expertise include national policy study, energy planning, utilization of industry waste heat for heating, and building energy systems. He is the deputy director of Tsinghua Building Energy research center. He is the member of the Executive Committee (ExCo) and representative for China of IEA District Heating and Cooling TCP (IEA-DHC). He is also the member of Scientific Committee of China District Heating Association. He serves as associate editor for international journal “Building Simulation”. He is author or co-author of five books and more than 100 scientific papers.  

Professor Jørgen Delman, China Studies, University of Copenhagen

"Tackling ‘wicked’ policy problems in China's energy transition: The role of policy learning and policy translation in Sino-Danish energy policy collaboration"

Works on China's politics, primarily energy and climate change politics, on China's urban climate governance, and more generally on political change in China. Recently, he winded up a research project on policy learning, policy transfer and policy translation with Sino-Danish collaboration in energy as a case. He has just submitted an article for review with the title: “Tackling ‘wicked’ policy problems in China's energy transition: The role of international policy transfer and policy translation”

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