16 January 2019

External Podcast: Interview with Professor Jørgen Delman about China, Xi Jinping, the intrusion of the state in the private sector and other issues

In this podcast, Jørgen Delman, is interviewed by the editor of Insightview.eu to provide a better picture of the current economic and political situation in China. Jørgen Delman is professor, PhD, China Studies, Department of Cross-Cultural and Regional Studies, at the University of Copenhagen. The interview will touch topics such as:

‌- the trade war 
‌- is the Chinese economy growing?
‌- is there a risk of "brain drain" in China or is China attracting foreign talents?
‌- the intrusion of the state in the private sector
‌- is President Xi a believer in the free market economy?
‌- social unrest
‌- Beijing is tightening its grip on the internet and social media
‌‌- clamping down on shadow banking versus the private sector
‌- how strong is President Xi Jinping?
‌- how should governments handle Chinese companies investing in Europe?

Listen here