20 October 2017

ThinkChina Podcast: Prospects for the 19th Party Congress and China's Future

If you missed the ChinaTalks lecture by Professor David Shambaugh on Prospects for the 19th Party Congress and China's Future:

The Chinese Communist Party approaches its 19th Congress this autumn and questions abound about the political strength and staying power of Xi Jinping. Who will compose the next Politburo, China’s top leadership? What will be their policy orientations? More deeply, though, there exist many questions about China's internal and external policy orientation, and whether the post-Congress leadership will be able to restart a variety of reforms that have stalled since the 18th Congress in 2012. There are also questions about the quality of the Communist Party itself, following five years of an intensive anti-corruption campaign, ideological tightening, and a severe crackdown on the public sphere in China. Will China stay on its current "hard authoritarian" path, or might it shift back in a more liberal direction? These and other pressing questions will be explored in Professor Shambaugh's public lecture.

Listen to the lecture