ThinkChina Topic Group on Gender – University of Copenhagen

ThinkChina Topic Group on Gender

The topic group:

  • Provides a forum for academic exchange between scholars engaged in research on gender/China
  • Provides knowledge on gender/China to the media and society at large
  • Facilitates links to gender studies scholars in China
  • Organizes ChinaTalks on gender/China
  • Works with the Sino-Nordic Gender Studies Network


Current Topic Group members include:

  • Michala Hvidt Breengaard, Department of Sociology
  • Hilda Rømer Christensen, Department of Sociology
  • Maj Corlin, Department of Cross-Cultural and Regional Studies
  • Cecilia Milwertz, Nordic Institute of Asian Studies, Department of Political Science
  • Hanne Petersen, JUR Centre for European and Comparative Legal Studies
  • Johanna Hood, International Development Studies, Roskilde University

The Topic Group is open to new members. Please contact Cecilia Milwertz

Download: Introduction to ThinkChina Topic Group on Gender